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May. 4th, 2010

Just returned my mom the huge sum of $$ I 'borrowed' last year for the Sydney trip. Not technically broke, but definitely a whole lot poorer right now. Oh well, I guess I'll be staying in Singapore for the whole of this 3 months. It's okay..what's that saying about being qiong2 but at least I got zhi4 qi4? Haha. I guess I'll just save up and hopefully travel at the end of the year.

And yes, I hope Jetstar chooses us too!!!

Absolutely true.

"Singapore is like a warm bath. You sink in, slit your wrists, your lifeblood floats away, but hey, it's warm."
Met up with Jingkai for Korean last night. Awesome :) Love the kimchi (so full of flavour and crunch and juice hahaha) damn shiok and the pancake too :D

Ah life's been a bore finally submitted my 3 Soci term papers ytd..still feel kinda dead.

Mar. 17th, 2010

I want to Poof! and disappear right into Paradise Island.
Last night I dreamt of my grandma, and I woke up feeling sad.

I miss her - the grandma who could still cook, the grandma who would still want to sit in her chair to watch Channel 8 and talk and laugh about the shows, the grandma who would ask me to go into her bedroom to sleep whenever I lay on the sofa. :(.

Mar. 9th, 2010

All I wanna do right now is to sleep early, wake up late, eat Kenny Roger's/Sushi Tei/Crystal Jade XLB steamboat buffet/binge, watch HIMYM all day, read a book.

Today was kite-flying with the classmates. Heh it was pretty fun! :) Didn't have much personal achievements except for the first few seconds of glory whereby one of the girls held the colourblock flight and I got it up pretty damn high in a few seconds. Played with doraemon for abit too but it was up in the sky already so don't really have any kick.

Funny things :D -
1) Too-much-energy-Weixiang running ALL OVER THE PLACE to get his doraemon kite up.
2) Kevin's and Joel's tissue kite.
3) Weixiang's insignificant-looking kite which he picked up and mended and the way it wobbled LOL.
4) Guan gong kite!
5) Girls jump shots hahaha.
6) Ok this isn't funny but this guy in a tee King of Kites helped us and taught us a few pts on kite-flying! Like how once the kite is up and the wind is stable, we can just keep releasing the string, and the moment we stop and pull it taut it will go up. Super cool he demo-ed and we saw this with our own eyes. He really is damn pro he flew this 60m long cobra kite high uppppp .
7) Super cute superhero doraemon flying high up in the sky.

Anyway it was really crowded but I liked seeing how so many people were relaxing and having fun :) It was also duper nice seeing so many kites flying wayyyyy up in the sky!

I'm ready to try falling apart
Right into your arms
I'm ready for you to take my heart
And tell me that i am yours
Then i'll be alright
There's no turning back
I'm ready this time

Need to try these recipes soon!!!

  1. Grilled eggplant with mozzarella cheese and tomato slice and basil leaf sandwiched inside
  2. Rice paper rolls with prawns, sliced cucumber and carrot, vermicelli, sauce, and mint leaf?
  3. Vietnamese salad on cracker!!

Xmas Eve

Had a dinner gathering at Nathaniel's & Doca's house just now. It's a pretty nice place, with a hugeeeeeee living room and kitchen and master bedroom. Dinner was good too, yummy vegetarian food with rice paper rolls and salad on crackers :) LOVE! Spent some time with Nat introducing me to some Christian bands and stuff.

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